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      Peachy Olive glitters has quickly become one of my top glitter suppliers, hands down. The thorough attention to detail, the level of caring that Christa devotes to her business, is unparalleled. Her exceptional customer service and extraordinarily beautiful product have made me a customer for life! I buy a LOT of glitter for my business, I try it all, and hers is the most beautiful that I have seen so far. Her eye for creating the most beautiful mixes I have ever laid eyes on make her stand out and keeps me coming back for more. When I look at her glitters, one word comes to mind for me: LUSCIOUS. Weird word to describe glitter, right? It is what I think of every time I see them. Just LUSCIOUS. In a market saturated with inexpensive and ordinary glitter, she supplies us with products that are most definitely worth the splurge!

-Suzanna Gore Renaud
Glamour Tribe Customs



     I cannot say enough how much I love Peachy Olive Glitter! The quality is some of the best I've seen and that makes a huge difference in your final product. Not only is the quality of their glitter top notch, they have some of the most unique and stunning color choices. They go above and beyond in the customer service area as well, making every customer and their needs feel important no matter how big or small your needs are. Peachy Olive very quickly claimed a top spot on my glitter suppliers list.

-Nicole Cortes
Nik's Creations, Warner Robins, GA



     Peachy Olive Glitters are ahhhmazing. The quality is amazing, the colors are vibrant and the mixes are unique. Not to mention that the names are so fun! Top notch customer service and products make Peachy OG my new go-to for all things that sparkle.

-Nikki Ruth Anderson
Rustic Oak Creations



     I don’t usually do testimonials after seeing Peachy Olive Glitters up close I am happy to do it. I found out about Peachy Olive Glitters from a tumbler group. After seeing video of some gorgeous glitter I had purchase some for myself. What can I say but, wow it truly is even more stunning in person. If you want to purchase quality glitter for a fair price from a company with outstanding customer service then look no further.

-Sandy Perry, Customer