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Peachy Olive Custom Glitter: 


What is non-toxic polyester glitter?

Non-toxic polyester glitter (PET) is heat-resistant and solvent-resistant. PET is a high quality glitter that is made from a polyester fabric so it is pigmented throughout and will not fade or loose it’s sparkle. PET is a full coverage glitter and covers a larger surface area 10x more compared to craft glitter. Our glitter is compatible with resin, epoxy, slime, and more.

We offer a variety of cosmetic grade glitters, and coming soon is our biodegradable glitter line. 


How do you package your glitter?

We package our glitter in dual ziplock bags. All colors are sold in 2oz increments with the exception of shapes. Our shapes are sold in 1oz increments. 



What is Peachy Vinyl: 

Peachy Vinyl is custom designed or purchase with full-commercial license in-house at #pognation on the highest quality commercial printers on todays market. We use high quality Oracal vinyl, 2.75ml solvent-based, permanent adhesive. in either glossy, or transparent. All vinyl is sized 12x12. This vinyl can be used in any craft cutter, no prep necessary just place it on the mat as you typically would. It is outdoor rated for up to 5 years, and can be used to adorn glittered tumblers, or applied to most any other desired surfaces. Not intended for use on walls. 


Types of Peachy Vinyl: 


This vinyl is 100% opaque, which means you can not see through it at all. It creates a solid surface for the pattern and does not allow any light, or background through. Which means you will not be able to see paint, alcohol inks, micas, or glitter under the surface. 


This vinyl is 100% see through. When selecting this option you should expect to be able to see the base of your project. The patterns printed on this vinyl are like stained glass panes over the foundation of your project. Useful in many crafts just as the glossy options above. 


Shipping Vinyl: 

Peachy Vinyl is shipped via USPS Priority Mail, this option typically take 1-3 days to arrive and does have tracking, and claim protection. However, we highly recommend all customers to keep Route in their cart for  added protection of their purchase. USPS does not allow claims for packaged that show “delivered” or ones that are stolen/misplaced. 


What is ROUTE Shipping Protection: 

Route Shipping Protection steps in when the shipping companies drop the ball or when damage, theft, lost items are not covered by USPS/Fedex policy. Its very frustrating for the buyer and the seller to be stuck solving the problems cause by someone else’s doing- so Route provides a service to keep everyone happy! This is automatically applied to your cart (manual removal is required) and covers your purchase under most all inconvenient circumstances. Starting a claim with Route is easy; visit their website to learn more about their services or to resolve an issue with a lost/stolen/damaged order:

Shipping Issues: 

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the same quality and customer service we provide once your order is passed over to the shipping companies meant to deliver your packages (USPS/Fedex). We have tried for many years to fill the gap when these private parties misplace your package, it is destroyed by your pet, or bluntly stolen from your porches. However, we are not Walmart or Amazon and we are no longer able to absorb the financial burden that is refilling, and reshipping these types of packages. We strongly advise you to add Route insurance to your orders for this purpose. We appreciate your understanding. 

General Shipping Offered: 

Peachy Olive Glitters happily offers Free FEDEX EXPRESS shipping for all US domestic orders $79+ (Fedex does not ship to PO Boxes). International orders are charged the Flat Rate Envelope rate. Orders less than $79 cost are provided with options at check out which populate according to your cart, to include: 

Priority USPS Shipping

Standard USPS Shipping

Fedex Express 


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally. International orders are charged the USPS Flat Rate Envelope rate. The buyer is responsible for all customs related taxes/fees associated with their order, including VAT taxes. 


What is your shipment/turnaround time?

They don't call us #peachyprime for nothing! We generally ship same-day but sometimes delays happen and orders ship 2-3 days. If extenuating circumstances cause additional delays there will be notifications in the facebook group and on the website. Not to include the on-going delays shipping organizations are experiencing due to the fluctuating US supply chain. 


Do you allow order changes?

We do not modify orders after they have been placed. 


What are your customer service hours?

Our customer service hours are Monday-Friday between 9am and 4pm. You can contact us via email and all emails are responded to in a timely manner. Reach our customer service at We do not monitor personal social media accounts for customer service issues. 


What is your return and refund policy?

We only process refunds for defective or damaged merchandise and requests must be made within a week of delivery. We do not refund orders that have used a discount/promotional code. Items that are not damaged or defective will not be refunded. We recommend customers to file a claim with Route+ first, if you elected to keep this valuable coverage in your cart.

What is your discount/promotional code policy?

Discount/promotional codes cannot be used on Peachy Palettes or Peachy Bundles. Discount/promo codes must be used at time of purchase. Limit one code per customer. Discounts cannot be combined. 

Do you offer a buy now pay later option?

rtnered with Sezzle to assist customers in creating smaller payment amounts over a length of time. The minimum order for this service is $50. We also offer ShopPay as a buy now pay later option. 


Do you have a Peachy community?

Yes, you can join our Facebook group for all things peachy including product updates and launches, special announcements and creative inspiration from other peaches in our community. You can join through this link:

We can also be found on:

Instagram: @PeachyOliveGlitters

Youtube: @PeachyOliveGlitters 

Pinterest: @PeachyOliveGlitters 

Tiktok: @PeachyOliveGlitter 

Do you offer a loyalty program?

Yes, we do! You must sign up for the program; for every order you make with Peachy Olive Glitters you will earn Peachy Points that will turn into discounts to future orders.

  • Points can only be earned on orders that are placed after the customer signs up for the program; points will not be applied to previously placed orders.
  • Points cannot retroactively be added to an order. You must ensure to be signed into your account to receive points on orders placed.